50+ Captions About Love for Instagram, Facebook & TikTok

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With all this love in the air, it can be hard to find the right words… but have no fear, your love caption cupids are here!

Below, you’ll find a perfectly cheesy and romantic collection of captions for all your lovey-dovey Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok needs.

Whether you need love captions to showcase a relationship, a blossoming romance, or the hunt for your perfect person, take a look at our love-themed caption picks and spread the love a little further!

Read on for our full list of caption ideas all about love.

First: All Our Caption Ideas in One Place

We have tons of great caption ideas for you below, but be sure to check out our other roundups for more:

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Short Love Captions

Keep your love captions short and sweet with half the effort thanks to this list of copy/paste love caption ideas that keep things succinct:

Happier than ever

My partner in wine

The perfect 🍐

Kissing In Action

To the 🌙 and back

We’re better together

You’re my cutie 🥧

Two peas in a pod

It’s end game

All my happy endings

Crazy in love

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Selfie Love Captions

A common side effect of love is a surplus of selfies… If you find yourself in that situation, we’ve got the perfect selfie captions about love for you below, whether you just want to immortalize a moment, or share to the world just how #couplegoals you are.

Not to brag but I think we’re really cute together

I don’t need 💐 🍫 🎁 —just you

Together is always a good place to be

Just a couple of happy campers

My favourite emergency contact

You are my most favorite person in the history of ever

You’ve got me all heart eyed emoji

Hey, you. Yeah, you. I love you

Basic Instagram couple coming at you

Wearing the smile you gave me

Every day is the best day when I’m with you

You’re my favorite notification

We clean up pretty nice

Funny Love Captions

Like laughter, happiness and love are also contagious. If you want to celebrate your love in a goofier way, then why not try one of these funny love captions?

Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

I love you like Kanye loves Kanye

I promise to always be by your side. Or under you. Or on top

I only have 👀 for you

You are my kind of weird

Thank goodness we both swiped right

🌮-bout a cute couple

You’re the only person I would share my snacks with

It all started with Netflix and Chill

We just want to be happy. And perhaps a little bit naked

He/She had the courage to touch the butt

Valentine’s Day Love Captions

Looking for the right words to nail the perfect valentine’s post? Say no more, with our list of Valentine’s Day love captions, we’ve got just the words to work the magic (including a couple of perfect puns) below.

I love you even when I’m hungry

We 🐝-long together

You’re my everything 🥯

Words cannot express hummus I love you

You must be copper and terillium, because you’re Cu-Te

You’re one in a chameleon

You take the 🍰

I’m not lion when I say you’re my mane squeeze

You 💡 up my life

If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one

My heart always goes boom whenever you’re in the room

Every 🍕 me loves every 🍕 you

Roses are red, let’s snuggle in bed

You’re a cutie 3.14159265359

I won’t go 🥓 your heart

Did We Forget any Ideas for Love Captions?

Let us know in the comments what love Instagram, Facebook or TikTok captions we should add to our list!

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