50+ Attitude Captions for Instagram, Facebook & TikTok

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Feeling a little sassy and bad-assy? You work on the selfies and we’ll provide the attitude…. captions.

Whether you need a quick mic drop or a caption for the squad, we’ve handpicked the perfect caption ideas with attitude to pair with your fierce content…just copy and paste to make sure everyone knows their place.

Read on for our full roundup of attitude captions.

First: All Our Caption Ideas in One Place

We have tons of great caption ideas for you below, but be sure to check out our other roundups for more:

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Short Attitude Captions

Keep it short and savage with these short attitude captions that are sure to get the point across in as few words as possible:

Never settle

Get on my level

Be savage, not average

Thank you, next

Calm over chaos

Miss me?

I got my own back

Fine as wine 🍷

Qt, as they say

Beauty at its best

Just me…nothing else needed

Selfie Attitude Captions

Showing your best side but not sure what to say? Check out this list of attitude selfie captions to add some sass to your selfie.

Love me or hate me, I’m still gonna shine 🌟

Zero makeup and still a babe

Good morning world, here is my selfie you desperately asked for

Does my sparkle burn your eyes?

Let me file that under ‘ I don’t care’

On better things ❣️

I’m a vibe you can’t handle

A sass a day keeps the basics away

Someday I will roll my eyes over to another dimension

Grow up, glow up, blow up

The only person I dress to impress is me

I’m an original and that’s perfection in itself

Make the boys fall like dominos

Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash

Funny Attitude Captions

Who said you can’t be both fun and fierce? These funny attitude captions are sure to get that point across.

Be a badass with a good ass

The trash gets picked up at 8, stay ready

They call me ranch ‘cuz I be dressing

Decluttering my life like Marie Kondo

This isn’t a race, but I’ll come in first

If common sense is so common why are there so many people without it?

I tried to be good, but I got bored

You really gonna scroll by without telling me I’m cute?

Never let anyone treat you like regular glue. You are glitter glue

I may be down to earth but I’m still above you

Don’t look at the caption, look at me 👀

Sorry for being late, I was enjoying my last few minutes of not being here

That was not very cash money of you 💸

Catagory: me

People say I act like I don’t care but it’s not an act

Life is very short, make every hair flip count

Photo by kevin turcios on Unsplash

Group Attitude Captions

There’s nothing better than a strong squad, so if you need some attitude captions for your fire group photo, then here are some ideas:

Trouble never looked so fine

Quality over quantity baby ✨

I can’t do crazy stuff with basic people

We don’t see any competition

Too glam to give a damn 💅🏻

You can’t dull our sparkle

Throwing sass around like confetti

Don’t know what’s tighter: my jeans or our love

Blessed with the best

We’re extra, not ordinary

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Did We Forget Any Fire Attitude Captions?

Let us know in the comments what attitude Instagram, Facebook or TikTok captions we should add to our list!

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