Instagram Strategy 101: How to Create an Instagram Strategy

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Real question: is it possible these days to open Instagram without crying?

Like, part of me is genuinely asking. There are times when I feel actual, physical pain when I see the crapfest that is my current Instagram engagement. Can’t we just go back to the pre-algorithm days when my biggest concern was which filter to slap on my breakfast…?

But okay, as much as I love whining and wallowing in angst, that’s not what this post is about. We’re not here today just chant “IG Sucks” (though feel free to do that in the comments…!), instead, we’re tackling the very important question of: “WHAT are we going to do about it?”

Or, more specifically, we’ll be asking ourselves the following:

Let me warn you: this post is not one of those “how I reached 100k followers and you can toooooo (if you give me your social insurance number and ten puppies)” type posts. I wouldn’t be the authority to speak on that. Instead, it’s a post about how to not go batsh*t insane agonizing over Instagram and how to build a manageable strategy that minimizes headaches and helps you reach your overall blog and business goals.

Sound good? This post is for those of you who are tired of getting nowhere with Instagram and are “over it”. Happy Instagram users, please help yourself to a muffin on your way out. This post isn’t going to resonate with you.

The truth is, succeeding on Instagram these days is still possible… it just takes an absurd amount of effort and resources.

To succeed on Instagram in 2017 takes the following: absolutely stellar content, bucket loads of time and most frustratingly, MONEY.

I need to be real with you: a lot of people who are still growing their following are relying on things that require big cash resources (like giveaways), so keep that in mind. You don’t suck, it’s not necessarily your fault… The game has just changed, and we’re forced to adapt.

TELL US IN THE COMMENTS: What’s your Instagram handle? Let us know so we can send you some love! Feel free to also share any questions you have about IG below.

PS: This post obviously isn’t intended for those who just want to use Instagram for fun. This is a post all about strategy for your blog and business. Keep that in mind before you roll your eyes at how crazy it all sounds 😉

SO, are you ready to get cracking on that Instagram strategy? Thanks for staying… now let’s get to slaying. [Oh god that was lame, I’m so sorry I said that]

Does your social media strategy actually need Instagram?

In a time when Instagram is more soul-sucking than ever, you gotta pause and consider: is this at all worth my time?

For Slaying Social, we decided that the answer was a hard no.

Like, as much as would love to haunt your feeds with photos of our faces and pugs we don’t own, Instagram just doesn’t really make sense for us. To further our branding, maybe… in the future… but for now our focus is on building our content, traffic and readership. Instagram isn’t necessarily the best place to do that, and I am SO relieved that we figured this out early on (rather than devote precious resources to growing an account that provides zero ROI).


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The other day, a blogger posted in a Facebook group I’m in “I’m thinking of starting an Instagram for my travel photos……”

And almost instantly I wanted to whack her phone out of her hand and whisper “save yourself”.

On my travel blog Instagram account, I’ve been feeling so disheartened with the platform that I’ve gone full-on weeks without posting in the past few months. And honestly? Those were some of the best, most productive weeks of my life.

Think of your mental and creative energy as a very limited supply of fuel. If you throw all your fuel into one car (aka one goal), you zip to the finish line faster. BUT, if you think of Instagram popularity as one goal, of profit as another, traffic as another, content creation, etc. etc. then you’re literally just fuelling multiple cars and as a result, each goal is met a whole lot slower.

Does that make sense?

Instagram is a car that basically drinks fuel for breakfast. It not only takes SO much time, SO much creativity and causes infinite mental anguish, it also has side effects of diminishing our self esteem and making us feel (as a whole) like trash.

That’s why Instagram is no longer my priority. I no longer spend hours liking other people’s photos for attention (yes, that kind of work is required), I am no longer slave to shallow comment pods where I’m forced to say “omg babe your dress is everything” every 2 seconds and I no longer drop my name into reciprocal WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook groups where IGers give each other boosts in likes, comments and engagement as a whole (yes, these things are real).

Life as an Instagram influencer is exhausting. I have met many bloggers and friends who consider it their main platform, and the amount of work they put into it terrifies me.

On a daily basis, Instagram content creators are tasked with the following:

  • Staging and photographing visually appealing content
  • Editing said content
  • Creating captions and posting
  • Replying to follower comments and engagement
  • Sharing behind the scenes snaps on Instagram stories
  • Engaging with new accounts to grow their following
  • Reciprocating on comment pods, chat groups, threads, etc.
  • Trying to not have a mental breakdown

It’s a lot of work.


Instagram is good for a few things, like establishing “influencer” status, potentially scoring sponsorships and on the flipside, if you own a business, Instagram can be a powerful way of getting your brand out there and recognized by potential new customers. That said, generally speaking, Instagram isn’t amazing at the following:

  • Traffic generation
  • Making bucket loads of money (unless you’re really in the big leagues, TBH)

Be wary of putting all your eggs in the Instagram basket, and being tempted by the siren’s call of Instagram fame. Does Instagram help you towards your goals? If the answer is no, it’s time to direct your precious efforts elsewhere.

STRATEGIC TAKEAWAY: Before you dive head first into Instagram, consider whether or not your goals require it. Remember, it’s important that you never pursue a platform simply because you think you need to. Even in super visual niches like travel, some bloggers can be making thousands of dollars a month without being strong on Instagram, so think about your goals first and then how Instagram supports (or doesn’t support) that strategy.

What kind of content will you share?

Instagram is all about sharing visual content, so logically speaking, your first priority should be deciding what kind of content you’ll be sharing.

I know: in an ideal world, we would all be sharing what we want to. In my case, that would be a non-stop stream of puppies and photos of funny signs.

Sadly, that doesn’t really help connect me to my ideal audience of travel lovers.


The sad truth is this: with Instagram – we have to make a choice.

Do we want to “professionalize” our Instagrams (i.e. Create highly curated content, plan feeds, engage our thumbs off, etc.) or do we want to simply post the content that we want (without any planning, staging, etc. – AKA the spontaneous visual diary Instagram was intended to be)?

I hear WAY too much negativity these days from both sides of this spectrum – the spontaneous “personal” users bash the curated feeds for being fake, the “professional” users hate on “influencers” with what they perceive to be mediocre content.

There’s no right way to “do” Instagram – it’s a matter of choice.

The truth you must swallow however is that pretty, curated feeds have more mass appeal. Unless you achieve mild celeb status as an influencer (as in, people worship YOU), you don’t get to post filtered photos of your cornflakes and expect fame. It just doesn’t work like that.

If you refuse to be part of the curated IG system, that’s fine – more power to you, but you do NOT then get to go complain about how you’re not gaining any followers. If you want to grow in sheer numbers (not talking about engagement necessarily), the truth is your content needs to be aesthetically pleasing. No cornflakes.

So, as we roll on with the super tough questions, we need you to ask what will make you follow-worthy?

Generally speaking, here are some reasons people might want to follow you (besides your spectacular taste in social media blogs of course):

  • They find your content visually appealing: duh, pretty photos = a reason for following. The problem is, TONS of people have pretty photos these days, so often this isn’t enough
  • They feel a connection with you as a person: People follow people that they like. If you’re able to win people over with your personality in ADDITION to your content, that’s a much more powerful connection
  • Your content inspires them: Often, people follow others on Instagram for ideas… whether that’s ideas on what to wear, where to go, what to buy, etc. What can you offer up to your followers that will help or inspire them in some way?

Another way to look at all this is what value are you providing to your readers. What can you offer to them that others can’t? Why should they choose to follow you over someone else?

*… breaks down crying*

Now, a note on consistency. Consistency is key on Instagram. People like to know what they’re following. Imagine if you stumbled upon a feed that mixed up blurry food pics, dreamy travel pics, and the occasional snap of an awesome puppy. If someone were to stumble on your feed, they’re much less likely to follow you because they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. This is why content and visual themes are soooo important.

If you need a refresher on what it means to have an Instagram theme, and how to create one, read this article.

STRATEGIC TAKEAWAY: A solid Instagram starts with a good content strategy. At the end of the day, if you want to be successful on Instagram, you need to post visually appealing content that is worth following. Sit down and ask yourself what value you provide to followers and then decide from there what your consistent theme will be. This will help you immensely in deciding what to post.

How will you grow your Instagram?

Let’s face it, unless you have it just for fun, Instagram is about numbers, isn’t it? Whether those numbers relate to quantity of followers or level of engagement, we’re all slaves to the numbers game because they’re the only tangible metric we have.

The amount of growth strategies out there are endless. Some are more beloved than others, some are straight-up controversial, many take up loads of time, and all rope you followers of varying degrees of engagement/loyalty.

I’m not here to judge you on what you want for your Instagram. There are some of you who simply want big numbers, and that’s okay. I operate on a nice lil no judgey policy.

What I want though is for you to be realistic about how your Instagram goals match up with your overall blog/business goals and from there, I want you to commit to growth strategies that best help you reach them.

So, for inspiration purposes, get ready for a stupidly exhaustive list of growth strategies. Based on a lot of observation (and panic research), here are some of the ways that people grow their Instagrams:

Building genuine relationships: I sound like a Care Bear, I know. In an ideal world, this is the golden answer – the beacon of hope in the dark hopeless pit that is Instagram. When you have actual friendships in the Instagram world, that is gold. People who like and comment because they like you as a person, not because they felt obligated to, or needed to out of a reciprocal agreement… you feel me? The problem with this approach is that it’s slow, and mass growth is virtually impossible. If you really take time to cultivate your community though through genuine, personal interactions, your reward is high engagement.

Growing your audience elsewhere first: Ever see YouTubers with massive followings but literally post the weirdest, most random things? They don’t have an “aesthetic”, they can post wacko selfies and get more likes than our entire gallery combined. There’s power in that. Same goes with celebrities who post duck faces and are worshipped until the end of days. These people used other platforms to build a big base of followers who have no trickled into Instagram.

This is a very powerful way to grow, because it relies less on playing Instagram games… but it’s not easy, or necessarily fast. If you take this approach, make sure to add various calls to action to follow you on Instagram from your other channels (e.g. blog, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) People need reminders!

Engaging like crazy with other accounts: It’s simple math – the more that you engage with others, the more they know you exist. That’s it. Liking, commenting and even following is what a lot of Instagrammers do to catch the attention of potential followers. Think of it as like a tap on the shoulder “hiiii notice me”. If they come to your profile and like your content, that’s a new follow. This is a very old method of growth, and doesn’t work nearly as well as it used to, but is still one of the “cleanest” strategies one can pursue.


Shoutouts: You’ve probably noticed a lot of influencers giving each other shoutouts in their stories, saying “omg this person’s feed! Follow them”. There are actual share groups where these are now organized. I can’t speak to their effectiveness, but there has to be a reason everyone’s doing them (I think?) More on this after we’ve tested it thoroughly.

Instagram “BFFs”: You’ve probably seen this before… a few people on Instagram travel together and then feature each other heavily on stories, photos, pretty much mentioning each other every single chance they get in the hopes that their followers will learn to love the other person too. It happens a LOT, especially among the Instagram elite. You can consider these to be like shoutouts on steroids. Again, I can’t speak to their effectiveness personally, but a lot of bigger accounts do them often, so it must at least work a little.

Loop giveaways: Ohhhhhh giveaways. I could say SO many things about these, and I’ll be writing a detailed post soon debriefing my personal experience with one, but let’s be real: if you have buckets of money and are simply looking for numbers, there is no better way to grow your account. I have seen multiple people jump 40k+ followers from big, expensive loops.

If you don’t know what loop giveaways are, the basic gist is this: you pay a set amount of money to participate, then the organizer puts together a big pool of prizes and sponsors (AKA IG accounts with massive followings) and then you host a giveaway for these prizes in which the conditions are that entrants must follow every account in the loop. Essentially, you’re pooling together ALL the followers of each account that participates, which then (in theory) means massive growth.

The downside? The followers you get might not align with ideal audience, and if that’s the case, your engagement may suffer immensely (spoiler: like mine). Think about it, you’re gaining thousands of followers who may not love your content (and only wanted to win an iPhone) – it’s not the most promising for engagement, that’s for sure.

… That’s definitely not all the growth strategies out there, but it’s a start. Stop and take some time to think which one is best suited for your goals.

STRATEGIC TAKEAWAY: There are tons of different ways to grow your Instagram, some quicker than others, some gathering more engaged followers, some that are good only for sheer numbers. What is it that you’re trying to achieve with Instagram? Is it to build a really engaged community, is it to pad your “influence” to seduce brands? Decide this first and THEN figure out what your plan of attack is in terms of growth.

When will you work on your Instagram?

Is there a magical ingredient for success on Instagram?

Two actually – money (see the giveaways mentioned above), and TIME. Now more than ever, success on Instagram requires a serious investment of time. Whether it’s staging amazing content, engaging like crazy or boosting your posts through chats and groups, Instagram will inevitably take MUCH time out of your day. Unless you decide to outsource or *whisper* use bots, expect to dedicate many, many hours (daily) to your growth. That’s part of the magic formula, really.

So clearly, you need to organize how you’re going to spend your time.

Just checking, posting or engaging “when you feel like it” is a recipe for disaster… mainly because we are all lazy walrus-people and won’t do it.

In the good old days, Instagram was instant. If you were having lunch, you’d share your blurry spaghetti so people knew what you were up to. These days, Instagram has morphed. It’s now more like “take photo then agonize over edits and captions for 20 years”stagram. Which may be less fun, but on the plus side, it gives you an opportunity to take advantage of productivity hacks like batching and scheduling.

Batching is so important to productivity. You know when you’re working hard on a blog post and “get in the zone”? That’s not just an expression, you’re legitimately in the proper mental state to do the work that you’re currently tackling. So, what happens when you’re in the middle of writing an awesome post, then boom – it’s your Instagram peak time and you have to drop everything to edit your photo and think ten hours on a caption? After you’re done, it takes you time to get back in the zone again… so on and so forth. For productivity sake, that’s why it makes much more sense to set time aside for certain tasks, e.g. editing ALL your photos for an hour, then scheduling them in advance for 1 hour a week rather than taking 15 min each day to edit, prep and post.

Later is a great app for scheduling content. While it can’t post on your behalf due to Instagram’s API, you can plan photos and captions in advance, then simply press a button to upload when the time comes. I also like using UNUM to plan my feed in advance so I don’t stress for like, 8 hours over what to post next.

Remember friends, the key to slaying overwhelm is to work smarter and make better use of your time. The best would be to organize your Instagram tasks into what needs to be done daily, weekly and monthly, then plot them into your schedule so that you actually commit to doing them.

A few important things to consider:

  • When is your “peak time”? When are your followers usually online? If you post when most of your followers are sleeping, then odds are they won’t see your content or get a chance to engage with it
  • What is your growth strategy? As we mentioned before, there are bajillions of ways you can try to grow your account. Figure out that strategy first and then create the action items accordingly.
  • How will you stay accountable? For me, putting blocks of work time into an actual (Google) calendar works best. Others rely on accountability partners or good old fashioned to-do lists. Figure out how you will stay on top of your ever-growing list of to-dos!

STRATEGIC TAKEAWAY: It’s important to have some kind of work schedule set out for your Instagram, rather than just working on it whenever you get a chance. Make use of scheduling and planning apps to batch your work and then ensure that you are holding yourself accountable in some way. That’s the key – knowing WHAT you must do and then WHEN you can do it.


Sooooo with all that said and done, I hope that this post was interesting, and only mildly disheartening.

The truth is: the Instagram game has changed… and while you may feel dreadfully alone in it, just know that you are deeeefinitely not. If I took a shot every time I saw someone complain about Instagram’s algorithm, I’d be hammered before you could say #like4like. Remember to think about the big picture though and how Instagram fits into your overall strategy. You might just realize (as I have) that it’s not really worth all that stress 😉

I hope you enjoyed that read – the final chapter of our Blogtoberfest series this month! Let us know in the comments what you thought of the series and treat yourself to a giant beer. You’ve earned it!

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40 thoughts on “Instagram Strategy 101: How to Create an Instagram Strategy”

  1. Woo, can i give you a virtual high 5? Here you go ?

    Completely agree with you on all the points!

    This iG game has completely changed and frankly, I’ve seen and know lots of people who are getting discouraged because of the ever changing algorithms or whatever their strategy is.

    I’ve been on IG for a fee years now with my first blog and started a new one and find it super difficult to grow.

    Just today i received two offers from social media management companies who guarantee to double your following with a real & target audience? Say what? Oh and for a few $ a month. That is an entire biz for those seeing and providing solutions to our probs.

    I don’t put too much pressure on myself and dedicate some time each day to like, leave honest comments and follow back if it interests me.

    What i don’t see right is the tiring follow/Unfollow tactic used. I have Unfollowers app to return the service.

    All in all we must be original, fun, honest and have fun while genuinely taking interest in those who follow you right? Win-win

    I’m @karla_travels on IG BTW!

    Excellent work!

    Much success ?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Karla!! Sending some IG love your way now <3 And you know what? Don't bother wasting time worrying about F/UF. It's just a different growth strategy - it works well for some, and others not so much. Once you stop thinking about unfollowers though, I promise you'll feel way better. Trust me!


    • Hey Michael! Glad you are at least enjoying IG somewhat with your personal account 😉 The whole business account = less engagement rumour has been floating around for ages now, and to be honest I haven’t found any concrete proof that it’s true. My engagement has been awful compared to when I first started, but I don’t know how much of that is due to me being a business account now or just the algorithm being awful. It’s tough to know the mystical ways of IG!

  3. Hi girls,
    Ig has caused many tears to many people, thats true! i have 2 accounts, one for my travel and one for the business I am working for (a sheep ranch/tourist destination) and instead of focusing on growing followers (too much hard work as you also say) i am focusing on creating a network or finding relevant people. fx with my business ig: it doesnt generate any clients so far, but i connect with a lot of travel agencies that offer tours to patagonia and could be possible business partners to sell our place to their clients. i already found some agencies in our cities that i created contact with. also, i remind them of our existence when i post photo or engage in theirs like “hey, remember there is this awesome ranch?”. the profile grows slowly because i am trying to build quality instead of quantity and i went from 29 to 400 in like 6 months and almost nobody stop follow us and the engagement is around 29% which I am pretty happy with. I have started to do the same with my travel profile. engage with people in my area with the same interest and not think about the number, but getting real followers that actually care about my profile and that we can share something together. Its a bit more difficult with that platform, and i think that it might be because travel ig is a red-ocean market. the profiles start looking similar. but well, stressing less about ig gives us more time for good contents on our websites 🙂 thanks for the article, big hugs, nana (patagoniadreaming)

    • Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment, Nana! <3 Your engagement is killer. Great job! It's awesome that you've recognized how IG can help you best in your strategy and you're not too caught up in solely numbers. Having that mindset is so important to success. Going to send you some love on IG now!

  4. I got a kick out of this article! I loved IG once upon a time, but it was that whole time-sucking thing that eventually drove me away. I’ve thought about closing my account entirely, but settled on posting about 1 time a week to share my blog, and ignoring it the rest of the time. Not exactly a growth strategy – just a way to maintain a small presence on the platform.

    • Hey Julie, so happy you liked the article! You know what – if IG isn’t worth your time, then it’s smart to dedicate your efforts elsewhere. Glad you made peace with that and are now posting less. I think that’s a smart move for sure!

  5. Waaah, I have been feeling so defeated by Instagram. I actually took 6ish weeks off, came back feeling motivated and then within a week I had enough again. Going to set a timer, plan my feed for the week and schedule the shit out of it. Thanks for bringing this nugget of motivation to my feed (also just general motivation that people with large followings like yourself also struggle with this).

  6. I’m with you! Ive been on insta for many years and have grown my audience to 96k – BUT most of those came when I had huge global media coverage earlier this year 0 some viral videos about my daughter and I traveling and media everywhere. Then I went from 50k to about 80k in a matter of a week or so – sounds big but just one of those viral vids had 12 MILLION views…talk to me about online news companies NOT putting your handle in videos they make of you using your own photos *sob*
    Anyway my tip is to find your unique selling point and pitch your story to media, if you get a good pick up you’ll get lots of followers – and ones who follow cause they like you and your story/content NOT ones that you’ve got through F/UF or loop giveaways etc.
    But meanwhile I’m like everyone else that’s not cheating and doing it tough…one day I’ll hit that 100k!

    • SUCH a good tip. People often forget how powerful traditional media coverage is. Sorry to hear so many of them forgot your handles (ugh *shakes fist*) but it’s amazing that you now have SO many relevant followers who are genuinely interested in you. Such an inspiration! You’re well on your way to 100k, I’m sure <3

  7. Yeah I’m definitely one of the tired ones 🙁 IG has kicked my butt, but I’m determined to conquer! I really agree with you on deciding whether or not it’s important for one’s business/site. For me, I find that Instagram does very little for my blog traffic but is key to developing my brand/image. I’m @reallifewithlou

    • Hey Lou, I think that’s how a lot of us feel! especially as bloggers. I personally am keeping up with IG for the same reason so I know the pain. Hopefully this article helped motivate you a bit! Sending some love your way now 🙂 <3

  8. This definitely expresses all my sentiments and frustrations with Instagram right now. Thanks for writing such a helpful clarifying post! Pinned! And yes, I’ll definitely take that extra IG love! @readcookdevour

  9. That’s a great article! I’m so tired with Instagram too, I can’t can justify the amount of time it takes! But I still try to post there in a hope that things will become better one day haha 😉 Plus I have so many travel photos to share 😉 – @worlderingaroundtravel on IG

  10. As I was reading through your article, an idea came to me on how I will use my Instagram. I’m currently using it as an outlet for my travel photos. Now that I have an idea how to use it, I’m looking forward on the knowledge I will learn from you to execute it. I have learned a lot from this class. From managing my Facebook page down to Twitter. My Pinterest is doing great by the way. I’ve never been this happy seeing how my Pinterest stat is climbing everyday. Yes, I keep track on my stat every single day. 😀 Thank you for sharing your knowledge on Social Media!

  11. I really appreciate the honesty in this post! Because I love photography, IG is my favorite SM channel – I try not to let the follow/unfollow game get me down and just focus on engaging with people who truly like my stuff (and vice versa). I also created my own ‘rules’ for how I engage with others, who I follow, and when I unfollow people (it makes me feel better about the hustle). BUT, there are times it gets frustrating! Back to posting my photos! It’s refreshing to hear that IG just doesn’t make sense for everyone! My channel is @thisbigwildworld

    • Followed you from @practicalwanderlust! I use Later on Desktop, which lets you schedule your posts in advance. You can use their “preview” function to plan out your feed, too.

  12. Great post, so much useful info. I cannot seem to find the option to connect my instagram stories to my facebook stories. Not sure what I am missing?

  13. This really resonates with me. I’m producing good content, using decent (I think) hashtags and practically need to celebrate when I hit a 100 likes on something. Really thinking using later as I can line up photos from my blog (so already with edits) and set up a week or two of stuff in an hour. I have THE FEAR of hastags (so my instastory is always going since hey, no hastags!).
    I’m old fashioned though and do try to post photos of a destination while I’m still there. Just seems proper. Then fill the gaps.
    You could say my blog was born on insta before it was an actual blog. Not doing it seems crazy but… it makes you feel like you suck as a photographer (and I’ve been doing THAT for about 19 years so it’s a bit of a blow…)

    • Later is fantastic! It’s definitely a switch in mindset to start planning your feed rather than posting live. But I prefer it, personally! And WOW, 19 years is incredible!

  14. “Happy Instagram users, please help yourself to a muffin on your way out.”
    This is my new favorite thing I’ve read. EVER.

    I actually haven’t made it past this yet, how can it get any better?

  15. Wow! So much great information. Thank you so much. I do have a question for you. I have approached businesses that I want to work with and they ask me about my social media influence and specifically how many followers I have on Instagram. How should I let them know that I choose not to focus on growing Insta followers but still am worth working with?

  16. So nice to read this and know I’m not alone in my instagram frustrations. Great article, really make me stop and think about how much time I’m putting into instagram that could probably be better used elsewhere. Definitely need to come up with a better strategy, either way! Thanks for the article. My IG is @explorewithlora

  17. I am thanking lia for sharing such helpful and impressive content for instagram. I am sure it gets me some good following and increase my instagram engagements and gets some earning also. Thanks a lot for sharing it. Keep it up

  18. I agree- its a bloodbath out there! I wake up every day and I’ve lost 5-10 followers overnight. I know I’m putting out the same content so my only thought is they are doing the follow/unfollow thing. It definitely makes you feel like your content isn’t worth much when you’re not getting likes. Therefore I’m only putting in an hour on instagram (30 minutes morning and night) so that I don’t go crazy!! I’m excited to put your Pinterest tips and tricks to work in all my extra time that I won’t be on instagram!

    @weekendwiththebargers definitely let me know if you have any suggestions!


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