The Top Instagram Reels Trends Right Now (Updated October 2021)

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Wondering what’s currently trending on Instagram Reels?

This is the list you’ve been looking for!

The truth is, the best way to identify Instagram Reels trends is to spend a lot of time on the app… (or on TikTok, where most of these trends tend to originate from).

But hey, if you’re too busy for that (living a life and going outside and all that), here is a quick, up-to-date guide on what’s currently trending on Instagram Reels.

We’ll be frequently updating this list with new IG Reels trends as they emerge, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. And check out our list of trending IG Reels songs and audios for more ideas.

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Instagram Reels trends do vary from user to user, depending on what the algorithm thinks you’re into. Feel free to comment below if you want to chime in with a trend you’re seeing!

Where to Find Out What’s Trending on Instagram Reels Right Now

Besides this Instagram Reels trends page, one of the best resources for finding current Instagram Reels trends is specific Instagram accounts.

Here are some Instagram accounts where you can find “Trend Alerts”:

  • @creators: The official Instagram account for IG Creators, which does a trend roundup every week.
  • @myanichol: Posts a weekly Reel about trending audios.
  • @karbrulhart: Posts tutorials for Reels trends and also about trending audios

We also recommend staying on top of current TikTok trends, as most IG Reels trends do tend to originate from there.

Current Instagram Reels Trends (October 2021)

What trends do we keep seeing on our Reels feed lately? Here are a few!

NOTE: Those marked with an asterisk are the ones that have been shared by the official @creators account.

6th Video in Camera Roll Trend | Example: Posting a video this audio ft. the 6th video on your camera roll with a text overlay referencing the fact that this song is meant to match perfectly with the 6th vid in your camera roll.

Squid Game Trend*: Everyone is going crazy over this Korean series on Netflix, so finding a way to reference Squid Game, or making Reels acting as if you’re part of the show, is a great IG Reel trend to hop on right now.

“In My Mind” Trend* | ExamplePosting a video to this audio with a text overlay that pops up in time with the music in a heart shape saying “If only you knew what goes on in my” then usually the buffering effect, followed by quick shots of what is going on your mind.

“Fancy” Trend | Example: Posting a video to this audio where you throw three items of clothing down to the beat, then have a full outfit transition as you stomp down at the “I’m so fancy” part of the song.

“Panda” Trend*: Posting a video to this song where you are lipsyncing and doing cool camera transitions, usually with the Instagram fisheye filter.

“Please Leave Me Alone” Trend | Example: Posting a video lipsyncing to this audio, with a text overlay describing a scenario where you would ask people to leave you alone.

You Know I Got the Sauce” Trend | Example: Posting a video lipsyncing to this song, with a text overlay that showcases evidence that you’re irresistible/desirable.

Photo Edit “Ding” Trend | Example: Posting a video that contrasts a before/after (usually involving photography and editing), and syncing the transition with the ding in this audio.

Past Instagram Reels Trends

We’ll be leaving an archive of past Instagram Reels trends below, since hey, you never know! Trends do have a way of making a comeback.

“Yo bro, who got you smilin like that?” Trend (Originally from TikTok) | Example: Posting a video to this sound that starts with you grooving with the caption “Yo bro, who got you smilin like that?”, followed by a (wholesome) reason you’re smiling – often it’s a cute animal video or something else similarly adorable.

“I’m Sorry, I just Hallucinated. What?” Trend | Example: Posting a video to this audio with a text overlay that describes a situation when you would have an incredulous “what?” reaction.

Hope this list of Instagram Reels Trends Was Helpful!

Let us know in the comments if you know of any current Instagram Reels trends we should add to the list.

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