Social media shouldn’t make you cry!

Welcome to Slaying Social, a site dedicated to demystifying social media and all its latest trends through fun-to-read articles and a very troubling sense of humor.

Real talk though: remember when social media was fun?

Ah, so do we… In a time before constant algorithm changes, the mass shift to video, and every platform trying to one-up each other by introducing the exact same features.

And although none of our constant wishing or sobbing will bring those glory days back, our mission here on Slaying Social is to make the social media world as painless as possible, whether you’re a blogger looking to grow your following or a small business looking to leverage social media to supercharge your growth.

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Instagram? More like “capture on a DSLR, import it into Lightroom, then mull over a caption for 2 – 6 business days”gram, am I right?

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Contrary to what the youths of today believe, people are indeed still using Facebook. Yes, besides that one aunt of yours.

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When Pinterest isn’t busy trying to sell you 10 crockpots or convince you to go Keto, it’s actually a pretty useful platform.

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Yes, Twitter can be good for more than stalking your ex and checking if/when Instagram is down. Who would’ve thought…?

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I have nothing to say but apparently having a dog on the front page boosts aww-dience retention by 15%. Did it work?

– Mr. Pug, Slaying Social Mascot

Slaying Social is the best social media resource out there online! Also, I’m definitely not just the site’s owner with fake glasses and a moustache.

– Definitely Not Christina


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