Gifts for Bloggers: The Ultimate Guide for Bloggers to Treat Themselves

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Slayers, it’s that time of year when your senses are assaulted with every variation and every possible spin-off of ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDES you ever thought humanly possible.

A gift guide for travel lovers? Done. A gift guide for FEMALE travel lovers? Done. A gift guide for female travel lovers who also who grow cilantro? Honestly, probably done.

But, like the caring mothers we low-key are at Slaying Social, we want to creepily massage your shoulders and whisper-ask “but how are YOU doing? Are YOU doing okay?”

We ask because Q4 is often a busy time for bloggers, one full of stress, deadlines, and endless hustle over ultimate gift guides of your own (no shame, they’re great for monetization). In the name of self-care though, since you’re already slaving over work and gifts for others, we think now is the best time to treat YOURSELF a little bit, and we did it the only way our robotic brains can compute these days: WITH AN ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE! That’s right y’all – Santa Blogs is coming to town.

And so, without further ado, here are some gifts for bloggers we know you’ll want! (And none of them are ludicrously expensive. Side-eying you, every gift guide that includes a MacBook)

Gifts from the Slaying Social Shop

For the rest of the month, we’re stowing Slaying Social away and replacing it with SLEIGHING Social… and instead of Santa, it’s Sant-us!!! That’s right, slayers – we’re offering 15% off everything in our shop and on our courses too with the code SLEIGHINGSOCIAL15. We ho ho hope you find something you like!

(or at least we ho ho hope you keep reading even after that string of terrible wordplay)

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Helpful Services You Should Splurge On 

🎶… Cuz baby all I want for Christmas is youuuuuuu-seful tools to grow my business so I can sleigh my goals and show my extended family I have a real joooooob. 🎶

Animoto [Sponsored]

I’ve always been a die-hard “make from scratch” person, but when we partnered with Animoto to try their video maker out, I was so pleasantly surprised I now use their service to churn out videos for another one of my sites. If you’ve been wanting to get on the video train but are daunted by the idea of learning how to edit from scratch, Animoto is an easy-to-use drag and drop option that creates super polished results quickly (I can make a full FB video in less than an hour!), plus you can use the code SLAY15 here to save 15% off their annual professional plans. 

Click here to read our full review of Animoto.


This Christmas, give yourself the gift of Pinterest automation and finally some free time to drink wine. Tailwind is our favourite tool to help automate Pinterest activity (and one of the only ones actually, ever since BoardBooster died). If you’re going to treat yourself to a time-saving scheduler this year, this is a definite must!

Click here to learn more about Tailwind


I seriously have no idea how I blogged prior to buying Keysearch, and I know many others who feel the same. SEO is a piece of cake with this smart, affordable tool and you can even split it with another blogger to really keep costs down. I’ve legitimately never heard anyone say “I regret buying Keysearch” so if SEO is a priority in 2019, make sure to treat yourself to this nifty keyword research tool. You can even save 20% off by using the code KSDISC here.


Last but not least, we have ConvertKit, the oh so pricey but oh so worth it email marketing service that Lia and I both use on our individual sites and on Slaying Social. You can learn more in our Email Marketing guide, but ConvertKit is so ridiculously powerful. Imagine being able to grow your list and raking in the $$$ on autopilot, having automated sequences sending out your best content and affiliate money-making posts in the background without you lifting a single finger. This is what ConvertKit is capable of!

Learn more about ConvertKit here


Awesome Gear For Your Next Trip 

We always preach the importance of investing in yourself, but where personal investment overlaps treating yourself = our happy place. Here are some ideas for awesome, affordable little treats to pat yourself on the back for a hard year’s work.

A customized camera strap 

If you’re looking to take your branding up a notch, why not treat yourself to a customized leather camera strap? I ditched my kit “SONY” strap ages ago for vanity reasons and never looked back, but having a strap with my actual blog name on it (or handle) seems wonderfully extra… and affordable! Click here to check out reviews and pricing.

Mobile Phone Camera Lenses 

As a seasoned pro blogger, I’m sure you take 99% of your photos with a real camera, but mobile camera lenses are sooo handy for things like Instagram Stories or just for capturing crisper moments on the go. I’ve gotten a bit lazy with it, but I used to use an ultra-wide angle all the time which allowed me to capture things like big monuments or selfie videos where you can see yourself AND the backdrop way better. Click here to check out an affordable set with excellent reviews.

Ring light

Yes, mobile ring lights exist. *shakes fist at millennials* Pre-blogging me would have scoffed at this invention but now full-time blogger me is straight-up adding this to her wishlist/cart. A mobile ring light would make a HUGE difference in things like Instagram Stories when it’s dark (e.g. outside or just at home) and you want to give your followers something better than a grainy 2px version of your face. This one is super cheap and comes with 9 (!!!) lighting settings and is also a motion-detect light for your purse. How is tech is so amazing these days?

Must-Haves for that Work From Home Life

We were tempted to just make this whole section about different colours/variations of Snuggies, but we held back. Anyways, if you live in your pyjamas and werk from home like we do, you’ll probably want some of these: 

A mug warmer for your coffee, tea or vodka 

This is the most genius invention ever… think of it as a coaster THAT KEEPS YOUR DRINK WARM. This means no more tepid coffees while editing photos or sad cold cups of tea. Instead, your beverage of choice (spiked or not, we don’t judge) will be nice and warm for your sipping pleasure, allll dayyy long. Does it actually work? Well, according to many glowing reviews, it does. Click here to check reviews and prices.


Kind of a joke, but not really. This silk set of “suitjamas” may be intended for fans of the show How I Met Your Mother, BUT we think it’s perfect for emergency, random Skype calls with sponsors so you can stay profesh without ever leaving your PJs. Click here to check the prices and (weirdly) glowing reviews for this suave sleeping get-up.

A fun mug

Like most work from home folk, I get a bizarre joy out of fun mugs. Not to be confused with “fun pugs”, these mugs are merely drink vessels with mildly amusing, relatable things printed on them… sadly, they are not squishy doggos you can cuddle when your Instagram post doesn’t get enough likes. ANYWAY, here are a few cute ones that I’m sure will make you go “heh”:

World’s Best Boss Mug: Get it? Cuz YOU’re the boss? Click here to check out prices and reviews.

A Mug Full of Blogging Ideas: (Or vodka) Click here to check out prices and reviews

Editing Day Mug: To make moving through that backlog of 38139184103 photos a little more whimsical. Click here for prices and reviews.

image 0

A special lamp that combats Seasonal Affective Disorder

Working from home, cooped up away from sunlight all day can have a negative impact on your mood, especially in the winter when coupled with “the winter blues” and Seasonal Affective Disorder. One really neat invention that many people swear by is light therapy through specialized lamps that you can easily buy and keep at home, by your desk, etc. Click here for prices and reviews.

FINAL BONUS: Cute, personalized laptop ornament with your blog name 

I mean, how extra can you be right? Doesn’t stop me from wanting this adorable little laptop ornament that you can get with your name (or blog name) fo’ free. Send this to everybody in my circle, please. Click here to check out prices and reviews.

Did we miss any other awesome gifts for bloggers?

Drop your best ideas in the comments and our favourite might just get a special surprise….. 😉 

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  1. Lowkey kinda mad I saw this after Christmas… I had a ring light and phone tripod on my Christmas list (that I received) and totally would’ve loved the mobile phone camera lenses! Good thing my birthday is February…


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