Couch Guy Slander TikTok Trend: Everything You Need to Know

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Like many folks on TikTok lately, we have been completely stuck on “Couch Guy Slander TikTok”, a welcome reprieve from Berries and Cream TikTok, but nonetheless a fascinating little black hole we can’t seem to escape from.

But if you haven’t stumbled upon this particular side of TikTok, you might have some questions. Who is Couch Guy? Why is hating on Couch Guy TikTok’s latest trend? And most importantly, WAS THE PHONE REALLY IN HIS LAP?

This article has all the answers!

Read on for a quick overview of the Couch Guy Slander TikTok trend, featuring where to find the original video, what all the developments have been, and more.

A Brief History of the Couch Guy Slander TikTok Trend

The chaos of Couch Guy Slander TikTok all began on September 21, 2021, when this TikTok by @laurenzarras was posted with the text overlay “surprising my boyfriend at college”.

In it, the video’s creator is pictured walking into her boyfriend’s college apartment with a suitcase to surprise him. Guided by two friends of his, she excitedly bounces in to a room where her boyfriend is sitting on a couch with three other girls, and another guy friend a few steps away.

This all sounds like a pretty standard long distance surprise video, but this TikTok has blown up to receive over 30 million views for one simple reason: many TikTok users get a bad vibe from the boyfriend (who has now been named “Couch Guy”).

Why has TikTok banded together against Couch Guy? Here are some reasons:

  • He doesn’t get up to greet his girlfriend as she walks in, and has a pretty subdued reaction to the surprise she planned
  • He is sitting on the couch with three other girls, who also have interesting reactions to the girlfriend arriving
  • Some speculate that the girl next to him slyly passes him his phone as the girlfriend walks in, although this is unconfirmed
  • The girl at the end of the couch immediately puts her hoodie up and goes on her phone as the girlfriend walks in, which is a bizarre reaction to what was otherwise a cute surprise
  • As noted in this TikTok, he appears to have a hairtie on his wrist, which is questionable for a guy with short hair

Overall, TikTok users feel that the video is filled with bad vibes, and that there are many red flags that he is not happy in the relationship, or even that he might be cheating on her. Some even speculate that his friends set him up, and planned this surprise so he would be caught in the act.

All these little mysteries and details are what have fuelled the trend now known as “Couch Guy Slander TikTok”.

Of course, the original video creator has fought back against the claims. As this viral TikTok notes, she has been fighting for her life in the comments.

Shortly after the video went viral, she issued a follow-up here stating that his phone was on his lap, and not passed to him by his friend. Many people doubt this claim however, and have gone even so far as analyzing it frame by frame to see where the phone really was.

Then “Couch Guy Hoodie Girl” got involved, posting this video about how she was getting tons of new views on her videos but no engagement because everyone assumes she’s the couch guy’s side piece. UPDATE: It appears the video has now been deleted.

Most significantly, Couch Guy himself posted a TikTok recently with a formal response. In the video here, he is seen posing with a text overlay saying “Couch guy here. Ur welcome for getting u off berries & cream tiktok, but remember: Not everything is true crime. Don’t be a parasocial creep. Go get some fresh air. Take care.”

Only time will tell how Couch Guy Slander TikTok will develop, but hey, it’s very possible it may just fizzle out, much like many other viral TikTok trends.

For now though, millions of us are stuck on this side of TikTok which is filled with theories, speculation, parodies, and references. And hey, if you’re reading this, now you’re in on it too!

How to Participate in Couch Guy Slander TikTok

Looking to hop on this TikTok trend yourself before it dies out? Here are some ideas for you, with examples:

  • Couch Guy Parodies: Recreating the video with a comical twist, like this one which was shot by someone who lives in his building.
  • Couch Guy Analysis: Posting a video analyzing details of the video, like this one which slows down the video frame by frame to show what the poster thinks is a hand on Couch Guy’s back.
  • Couch Guy Commentary: Posting a video with your take on the Couch Guy drama like this one.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the Couch Guy Slander TikTok Trend!

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