“I Like You, Have a Cupcake” TikTok Sound: Original, Song & Lyrics!

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If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ll know that a very popular trending audio right now is the one that goes “I Like You, Have a Cupcake”.

And if you’re wondering where this audio came from or what the song is, this article has all the answers!

Read on for a quick overview of the “I Like You, Have a Cupcake” TikTok trend and sound, featuring where to find the original, what the exact ‘lyrics’ are, and more.

A Brief History of the “I Like You, Have a Cupcake” TikTok Trend/Audio

The audio that sparked this trend was first posted here on July 23, featuring various photos of Chris Evans’ different ‘looks’, and poking fun of the fact that he doesn’t look so great with a creepy moustache.

The audio mashup’s ‘official’ name on TikTok is I like you have a cupcake_ fish hooks.

Another version of the audio was then posted here four days later, featuring a new twist that incorporates a line from the song V*gina by Cupcakke (listen to it here).

Both versions of the audio have been popular ever since, trending throughout August 2021 with funny videos about TikTokers’ likes/dislikes.

Where is “I Like You, Have a Cupcake” Originally From?

The dialogue from the TikTok sound is taken from the Disney Channel cartoon, Fish Hooks, which ran for three seasons.

You can see the original clip here.

The voice actor who says the now iconic lines is none other than Atticus Shaffer, more famous for his role as Brian Heck in the Middle.

And if you’re wondering which episode of Fish Hooks the “I like you, have a cupcake” bit is from, it appears to be Season 1, Episode 18, Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story.

“I Like You, Have a Cupcake” Lyrics

Looking to hop on this TikTok trend yourself? Here is a transcript of the audio so you can easily lip sync along.

Here are the words for the original version of the audio with the “ew”.

I like you, have a cupcake.
I like you, have a cupcake.
I like YOU, have a cupcake.

Here are the words for the new variation with the “smack my…” song:

I like you, have a cupcake.
I like you, have a cupcake.
Smack my a** like a drum.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the “I Like You, Have a Cupcake” TikTok Sound!

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