Free Video Resources You Need to Bookmark for Your Next Project

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Can you imagine making slick, professional videos for your blog and business, all without touching a camera?

Well good news – it’s a wild world where now, thanks to the internet, you can!

Let me fill you in on a little secret that most newbie video creators don’t know: the internet is filled with amazing, FREE video clips that you can use whenever you want, even for commercial projects.

I’m talking sexy AF drone footage gliding across skylines and cityscapes, perfectly manicured hands typing over Macbook keyboards and loads of other cool things like explosions, puppies and literal fireworks.

… where can you find all this magical footage, you ask?

Well, today we’re providing you with a list! I hope you enjoy this long list of free video resources to use in your next project, from stock footage and music to free video makers!

#ShamelessPlug: be sure to bookmark and save them for later!

PS: Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favorite sites!

Where to Find Free Video Stock Footage

Looking for some free video footage to use in your projects? Here’s a list of websites offering up free stock footage (yes, for real!)

Pixabay Video

From cheesy animations to sleek drone shots, Pixabay has a huge selection of free video clips for you to download and use in your projects, all easily searchable.


A massive collection of free, HD video clips, all really well organized and searchable. I love that the video names are descriptive, e.g. “low angle shot of a skyscraper” which makes finding the ideal shot much easier.


Slick, HD footage and nice motion graphics available for instant download. Super well-organized and with an easy-to-use search system.


Really beautiful HD stock footage from generic clips like “Typing” to destination-specific ones showcasing important landmarks and skylines. Seven new clips are released every Monday.


A huge selection of free stock footage available for immediate download that is beautiful, cinematic and usually already well edited/color graded. The clips are gorgeous but be prepared to do plenty of scrolling/digging as they’re not very well organized or searchable.


With 10 HD videos released every 10 days, this site offers a small variety of beautiful free stock footage for you to use.


Plenty of free HD stock video to choose from, with an easy-to-use search engine that helps you dig up relevant clips quickly. Lots of really professional-looking shots available!

Ignite Motion

Free motion backgrounds available for instant download, mostly (cheesy) animations, loops and special effects like FLICKERING FIRE (yenno, all the best stuff).


Lots of free clips available for instant download from animals and architecture to transportation and traffic. While not as cinematic, professional or “artsy” as some of the others in this list, there are still a lot of nice, unedited clips to choose from.

Bottled Video

Huge library with free stock footage to download, from aerial destination shots to more niche clips like concerts and marathons. There are loads of SD (640×480) Converted 4×3 Clips available for free, with higher quality/HD options available for purchase.

Where to Find Free Video Music

Sooo, you’re not able to license the latest Rihanna hit for your video?

Bummer… but these sites can be just as good! Here are some great places to dig for free music to use in your projects.

Scott Buckley

Really gorgeous pieces sorted by mood, tempo, instruments, etc. A lot of good cinematic-sounding pieces in here for short travel films!

No Copyright Sound

An amazing source of free music if you’re looking for EDM and techno music to go behind your adventure videos.


Soundcloud is filled with amazing artists who allow you to use their work in videos. Be on the lookout for songs with a Creative Commons license, or browse through designated playlists like Free Music for Vlogs and Music for Monetize.

Ben Sound

Very crisp and professional sounding songs. A wide range of vibes, from bouncy and happy to melancholic.

Royalty Freebies

Kind of cheesy and a small selection, but there’s a few gems if you’re looking for a kind of corporate/cheery vibe.


Everyone always recommends this one and I’m not sure why. There’s a huge selection, but a lot of the songs are very corny-sounding. Perfect though if you want cheesy silent movie-esque background music.

(if you must) YouTube Audio Library 

There’s a wide selection of music, but a lot of it is rather terrible. It’s also quite poorly organized, and a lot of the songs will sound samey because so many vloggers use this library, but hey, it’s all free so you know you won’t get in trouble.

Where to Find Free Stock Photos for Videos

Besides free video clips, stock photo sites are a great place to look for free content to include in videos – all the better when sweet panning/zooms are involved (and the photos don’t include women laughing alone with salad). Here are some great sites where you can find free stock photos:


Kaboom Pics



Negative Space




Free Video Makers

Who said you need expensive software to make great videos? Here are some free video makers that you can use to make your next project a big success:


A really powerful and sophisticated video editor that allows you to not only splice clips together, but also do fancy things like colour grade. The free version comes with some limitations (e.g. you can only export to 720p) but it still offers way more features and capabilities than most free video makers.


A crazy amazing video maker (powered by AI, nbd) that allows you to quickly convert blog posts into social-optimized video. While the capabilities are limited, it’s a great starting point for those hoping to get into social video.


A very simple and easy to use online video maker that is loaded with fun templates. The free plan includes 5 free videos a month and export options to Facebook/YouTube.

I hope you found this list of free video resources helpful! Now, it’s over to you – did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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