Instagram Strategy 101: How to Create an Instagram Strategy

Real question: is it possible these days to open Instagram without crying? Like, part of me is genuinely asking. There are times when I feel actual, physical pain when I see the crapfest that is my current Instagram engagement. Can’t we just go back to the pre-algorithm days when my biggest concern was which filter … Read more

Facebook Strategy 101: How to Create a Facebook Page Strategy

How to create a Facebook page strategy: Facebook Strategy 101.

When it comes to Facebook strategy, let’s face it: most of us are running around like headless chickens. Especially at this point, with ads getting more popular than even ‘awkward crop’ profile pics. The platform’s “pay to play” mentality is getting more backlash than ever, leaving marketers feeling dejected, discouraged and hopping in line for … Read more

7 Social Media Mistakes You’re Probably Making (& How to Fix Them)

Are you the type of person who checks Facebook instead of looking at the time? Do you get sucked into hours of idle Pinteresting and Instagram liking? UGH, us too. Here's how to fix these super common 7 Social Media strategy mistakes and get back on track for your blog, brand, or business!

Welcome to Blogtoberfest! This month’s series is designed to kick your butt. Seriously. Each week, we’ll be publishing juicy posts that dive deep into the strategy of our 4 favorite social media channels: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And we’ll be diving in right alongside you, with our very own brand new Slaying Social media … Read more

8 Guidelines to Follow When Choosing an Image for a Pinterest Pin

Tempted to use a blurry selfie for your next Pinterest image? STAHP! You need these 8 guidelines for choosing a good image to use on your pins. Make smarter Pinterest choices for your blog, brand or business.

Let’s get this out of the way: Pinterest is not really a social media platform. It’s actually a visual search engine masquerading as a social media platform. Very clever, Pinterest. What this means is that although your search results are returned using some high-tech new-fangled algorithmic search engine technology (that’s the search engine part),  people actually … Read more

Instagram Feed Goals: How to Get a Cohesive Instagram Feed

How to become Instagram feed goals and get a cohesive theme on Instagram! This thorough guide will walk you through how to get that much sought-after consistency on Instagram.

In the wild world of Instagram, one of the most coveted of all honours is being dubbed “Instagram feed goals”.  You’ve seen them – envy of the town… Beautiful people holding beautiful foods in beautiful locations, somehow always with consistent lighting and colours. In this eerie parallel universe where aesthetics reign supreme, many of us … Read more

How to Grow Your Followers on Pinterest … & Why You Shouldn’t Bother

Expert tips for growing your followers on Pinterest... and why you shouldn't worry too much about it in the first place!

As a blogger who attributes most of my early success to Pinterest, I’m often asked questions by other bloggers or small business owners about how to replicate the 20k monthly traffic from Pinterest that I achieved in under 6 months of blogging. One of the first questions I’m asked is usually about followers: how do … Read more

Pinterest FAQ: But what do I DO on Pinterest?

Pinterest Makeover FAQ: But what do I DO on Pinterest? Tips for driving traffic from Pinterest, Pinterest tips for Travel Bloggers.

I started my blog, Practical Wanderlust, in June 2016. 1 year later, we average 60k page views monthly. I’m often asked the secret to my success. And I’ve love to just be like “~follow your dreams and believe in yourself~” or whatever, but let’s be honest: that’s totally useless. Can’t nobody develop a traffic-driving strategy based off of dreams. So let … Read more