Expert tips for growing your followers on Pinterest... and why you shouldn't worry too much about it in the first place!

As a blogger who attributes most of my early success to Pinterest, I’m often asked questions by other bloggers or small business owners about how to replicate the 20k monthly traffic from Pinterest that I achieved in under 6 months of blogging.

One of the first questions I’m asked is usually about followers: how do I have so many followers on Pinterest (33k as of this post)? Do I have access to some magical Pinterest follower growing machine? Did I just buy my followers (looking at you, shady Instagrammers)??!

What the heck is my secret? Well, the answer might surprise you. But before I tell you the secret of my 33k followers on Pinterest, I’m going to tell you exactly how to grow your followers.

Here are my favorite tips for getting more followers on Pinterest.

This post has moved! To read it, you’ll need to head over to my travel blog, Practical Wanderlust. See you there!

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Comments (10)

Hi Lia. Colin here from DNW 🙂

Tried taking immediate action by following some people using the niche technique you suggested.

Overcame my disappointment of having to follow one person at a time (for now I am hoping) only to be thwarted by Pinterest saying they were blocking activity from my area due to suspicious actions! I’d only followed about 10 people!

it’s late here (in Malaysia), so I am going to bed satisfied I am a little wiser and I may have followed just enough new people to test your theories! But the question that will keep me lying awake is ‘automation!’ How do I ‘mass follow’ my niches and interests?

Progress not perfection!

Wow, I’ve never had that happen before! I bet it’s tied to your destination. If you’re going to be in Malaysia for a while, you may just have to space your following out a bit. Or perhaps try to do some other activities on Pinterest in between following, like pinning from your front page. Unfortunately I don’t know of a mass follow tool for Pinterest! I’ll keep an eye out if I discover one.

Question; if you follow someone in your niche in the hopes of them following you back, do you follow ALL their boards so they get the notification that you followed them or will just following the boards of interest to you work?

I follow their entire profile, which includes all of their boards. They’re far more likely to see your profile that way.

For me, any big success from Pinterest has come from being involved in group boards. Getting your pins on big, active group boards gets your content in front of thousands of new users who don’t even follow you. Good post, very thorough!

Nice article! I’ll be repinning it on Pin4Ever’s “Pinterest Followers and Traffic” board.

If you’d like a more automated and organized method for following and unfollowing on Pinterest, you might want to check out the Power Follow tool from my business, Pin4Ever. You can click to follow all of a pinner’s or board’s followers, set a Time Delay to space out the follows, and later click to either unfollow everyone you’re following or unfollow those who didn’t follow back. The Blacklist feature lets you mark those who didn’t follow back (before you unfollow) so you don’t keep following and unfollowing the same accounts and risk being flagged or reported for spam. Whitelist lets you mark account you always want to keep following, so they won’t be unfollowed when you click to unfollow all or those who don’t follow back. If you have any questions about Power Follow, please let me know.

That sounds interesting, Christina! Could be a good tool to grow that first 1k.


I love your article! It has so much character on it. On top of that your advices are really helpful!

I’ve been looking around for a legit tips on how to grow my Pinterest followers and yours by far is the best!

Thanks so much for the tips and tricks!

John Greg

Thanks Lia for the comprehensive detail. It is nice when people write detailed posts that are filled with examples and personal experience. I feel all the stuff you find on the first few pages from search engines is just highly optimized garbage with no content. I am glad I was able find your post through a Pin.

I have been following your advice on my new Pinterest account and in two weeks I am up to almost 300 followers. I am not even following 100 per day, just around 20 since I am focusing on good content as well. Seems to be working, hoping to reach the 1K mark soon.


WOW! That’s fantastic to hear!!

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