“But You Don’t Look Gay” TikTok Sound: Original & Lyrics!

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One of the hottest TikTok trends this week is the “But You Don’t Look Gay” trend, where people highlight the ridiculous things that people say to them because they don’t conform to a certain stereotype.

The videos under this trend are no doubt hilarious, but if you’re curious about where the actual audio comes from, then we’ve done all the digging for you and have answers!

Read on for a quick overview of the “But You Don’t Look Gay” TikTok trend and sound, featuring where to find the original, what the exact words are, and more.

A Brief History of the “But You Don’t Look Gay” TikTok Trend/Audio

The “But You Don’t Look Gay….. Oh I’m sorry, lemme just – ” meme has been around for years, with mentions on Tumblr going back to 2019.

And while it’s currently blowing up on TikTok, the trend has actually been around before, with the original sound uploaded in February 2020, and TikToks with this meme/format dating back to April 2020.

Of course, it wasn’t until a new version of the sound emerged in August 2021 that the trend really skyrocketed. This new version of the sound uses the song Quién Piensa En Ti by El Trono De México, which you can listen to here.

“But You Don’t Look Gay” Original TikTok

If you’re trying to find the “But You Don’t Look Gay…” original voice and TikTok, you can watch it here!

Truthfully, it was a bit hard to find, but after a lot of digging, we found it, and think more creators should be giving credit to the original voice Evyn Collins.

“But You Don’t Look Gay” TikTok Words

Looking to hop on this TikTok trend yourself? Here is a transcript of the audio so you can easily lip sync along:

But you don’t look gay…
Oh I’m sorry, let me just…

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the [Trend] TikTok Sound!

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