Campaign Summary Report [Template]

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Looking to wow your sponsors and secure repeat clients & long term partnerships? This Campaign Summary Report template is here to help.

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from other influencers and demonstrate your ROI is by compiling a detailed report showcasing your reach and impact after the campaign is over. If you’re feeling stuck on what to include and how to format your report for maximum wow-factor, then this template is for you!

This report template is modeled after a real campaign report that Lia sent to a brand sponsor – who then showcased it as an example of how to delight brand sponsors and earn repeat partnerships at Travelcon, one of 2018’s top travel conferences. And now, we’re sharing it with you!

Grab this Campaign Summary Report Template now and gain instant access to:

  • 1 fill in the blank campaign report, easily editable on Google Slides (no need for complicated programs like InDesign or Photoshop)
  • Detailed instructions on how to customize and make the most of your report
  • A hefty collection of pug stock photos which have been used to populate the report and make it cute AF

2 reviews for Campaign Summary Report [Template]

  • Susanna (verified owner)

    I recently landed one of my biggest partnerships to date and after I completed the deliverables for them, I wanted a great way to showcase all my hard work. I fumbled around with some templates of my own, but I was always worried I was missing some key piece of information or if there was a better way to present my ROI. So, I came to Slaying Social to buy the campaign summary report template. After filling it out and turning it in, the company was so pleased with my work, I ended up getting a huge bonus. I mean they literally asked me to take my invoice back and edit it to 500 Euro MORE. Woo hoo! While I know the work I did for them was quality, I think having the template to clearly show the impact I had and that they did in fact get a return on investment was what really sealed the deal.

    The only thing with this template is you just need to make sure you don’t accidentally leave any of the sample branding or pug images on before you hand it over!

  • Rebecca

    If you really want to impress the socks off any of your brand partners, then buy this template and use it! I just shared it with a DMO that I worked with, and they were incredibly effusive in their praise for how professional it looked and for the detail I provided. I was shocked how few bloggers and influencers actually share a follow-up report with brands – but with this template, how could you not? It’s so easy to use and you’re basically plugging in your data and then making sure your own branding is across the report. It’s SO easy to use. Highly recommend purchasing!

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