Instagram Strategy 101: How to Create an Instagram Strategy

Real question: is it possible these days to open Instagram without crying? Like, part of me is genuinely asking. There are times when I feel actual, physical pain when I see the crapfest that is my current Instagram engagement. Can’t we just go back to the pre-algorithm days when my biggest concern was which filter … Read more

Pinterest Strategy 101: How to Create a Pinterest Strategy

Is Pinterest right for your blog, brand, or business? Here's how to create a winning Pinterest strategy that increases pageviews and explodes your traffic like crazy! #Pinterest

Spend about 10 minutes in a group of bloggers or small business owners discussing social media strategy (it’s not as boring as it sounds, I promise) and you’ll probably hear quite a few folks RAVING about Pinterest. I’ll be one of them, because I credit Pinterest with driving the initial 20k monthly visitors to my … Read more

Facebook Strategy 101: How to Create a Facebook Page Strategy

How to create a Facebook page strategy: Facebook Strategy 101.

When it comes to Facebook strategy, let’s face it: most of us are running around like headless chickens. Especially at this point, with ads getting more popular than even ‘awkward crop’ profile pics. The platform’s “pay to play” mentality is getting more backlash than ever, leaving marketers feeling dejected, discouraged and hopping in line for … Read more