Travel Blog Financial Planning Spreadsheet [Template] + Video Tutorial


Does the financial side of running a blog totally freak you out? Has “set financial goals” been on your to-do list for ages? Not sure how to properly keep track of all your income, expenses and growth for tax season?

Our Financial Planning Spreadsheet Pack is just what you need!

This easy-to-use set of helpful spreadsheets is pre-populated with formulas that allow you to easily plug in your own numbers/stats so you can project your blog’s growth and income, challenge yourself with achievable goals, and track your actual income and growth each month.

If you’re struggling to grow your travel blogging income, trust us: setting achievable goals and working backwards to create actionable steps to meet those goals will make a HUGE difference in your own accountability and motivation.

This all-in-one document is your new BFF when it comes to staying organized for tax season, and allows you to keep all your finances in one accessible place. Leave the math to us 😛

This Blog Growth and Income Spreadsheet Pack includes…

  • 1 Excel spreadsheet populated with helpful formulas to help you project and track your blog growth and income and set achievable goals
  • 1 Excel Spreadsheet to help record your blog income and expenses BEFORE tax season
  • 1 Pivot Table that organizes and summarizes data from your tracking spreadsheet
  • 1 40 minute video tutorial with clear, in-depth explanations and examples of how to use each spreadsheet to track your blog’s finances and set financial goals


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