Brand Collaborations & Travel Sponsorship 101: Nailing the Perfect Pitch

In the travel blogging world, there are few topics more shrouded in mystery than pitching for brand collaborations. Well, apart from how we actually afford to survive and stuff. But we already covered that last week 😉 And if you think about it, the mystery around pitching is totally understandable.  After all, from an outsider’s perspective, travel … Read more

Instagram Nametags Have Arrived! Here’s What You Need to Know

Hey slayers, surprise: Instagram has rolled out yet another feature!! Those overcaffeinated developers at IGHQ have been on a hot streak lately… between the launch of IGTV, crazy Kylie Jenner filters, music partnerships with Spotify and ALL. THEM. GIFS…. they’ve managed to pull yet another magical little trick out of the bag: nametags! Yes. Seriously. … Read more